CSS Library app by LowCode Agency

Hello everyone,

In light of Glide allowing CSS to be used on all paid plans in latest pricing announcements, I thought it’s a good time to create a library of CSS so we can help each other make our apps beautiful.

The Notion library for the same purpose was a huge success back then. I plan to bring over many of those to this library in the coming weeks.

For our completely public library, we have these features:

  • Library: Include all items that have been approved by admins to show to the public. You can add new items and wait for admins to verify them. Admins will receive emails when there’s a new item added and pending approval so we can respond to you as soon as possible.

  • Requests: You can send requests for CSS adjustment that you can’t figure out yourself. Once a request is submitted, admins will also receive an email notification. Any visitors can view those requests and submit a solution for it. Once a solution is approved, the request tied to it will be marked completed, and if you leave an email when a request is submitted, we will notify you via email.

  • Search: Utilize a bit of Glide AI to bring you 3 “closest match” library items based on your search query. This is “beta” so might not work super well all the time, but I think it’s great to allow you all to search using natural language.

  • How-to: Include the excellent video on how to use CSS in Glide by @JackVaughan .

Let me know if I should add any features, if there’s a lot I will add a tab for “Roadmap”.


@NoCodeAndy can we pin this topic, like… forever? :slight_smile:


The notion was great but this is even better!

Oh and @tristan we need a code component!



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:raised_hands: Thank you for sharing!!

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You should add some of yours on there man :wink:

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Thanks for this - and solving some of my problems I shared already! This is a tremendous asset for the community - much appreciated!


Could add a CSS request form or have people comment here to see if anybody can solve.

If I understand you right, that’s covered in the Requests tab.

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Oops my bad, was too focused on my app not updating for past 10 minutes. The sticky footer on the Request tab when using mobile blocks some content and cant scroll down

The Roadmap is here :wink:

I will try to fix that tomorrow.

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It turns out people really love CSS. Thank you for making it easier and beneficial for many people.


This is an incredible resource :exploding_head:


Thank you for this tremendous tool! :pray:


It would be nice to add a thumbs up or a like for ones we use… and maybe a comment option as well.

I have been adding things and learning - great fun, thanks to all the contributors so far :slight_smile:

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I would certainly want comment options. @tuzin mentioned it to me that we should have them in the lib items so we can propose changes.

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And many thanks for the contributors to this project - for now and in advance. It has made things that are frustratingly hard into a copy, paste, change, and be amazed bit of work :slight_smile:
Now all I have to do is learn how to squeeze things out of JSON things :wink:


Amazing - thank you so much for doing this. There’s so much power in things like CSS and the API / JSON and us mere mortals can’t always take advantage of it.

It’s really great you guys did this, and shared it. That’s one of the things I love so much about this community.

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Really, our pleasure to help the community with this. @tuzin and @Lucas_Pires have been brilliant behind the scenes to help clear the requests and approving posts.


Change log #1 for CSS App:

  • We now differentiate sticky banners on mobile & desktop. Mobile banners will take less space, but if it doesn’t work well on your device please hit me up: CSS Library

  • We have a roadmap tab now. I will add things here as needed so you know what I have on the plate for future releases, and what level of priority I give them. When I add images after a release, you can also zoom in/zoom out using a web embed component, and it auto-slides every 60 seconds.

  • Entries to the library now require preview images, both as a library item submission, or a request solution submission. We will correct some older entries that do not have images.

  • Per the roadmap, we’ll also add comment sections for library, request & roadmap items, and will likely use a Big Table to save development time. If we hit enough discussion, maybe JSON is the way to go for far future.

  • Per @tuzin’s recommendation, I will try to add a feature where you can suggest improvements to existing CSS solutions, kinda like a push request.