Custom CSS library, Glide + Make challenge winners, new resources

Hello Gliders!

It’s been a couple weeks since our last community update, so we’ve got a heaping bundle of new stuff to share with you. Let’s dig in, eh?

Custom CSS library for Glide apps

You can do a lot to tweak your Glide app visuals now that custom CSS is available on all paid Glide plans. Kudos to @ThinhDinh and the Low Code Agency team for this amazing custom CSS library that you can use for your Glide builds.

Replay: Knowledge Sharing at Work

Our first Innovators at Work session is now available on demand. Thanks again to Bill Schonbrun, COO of CarboNet, for bringing the insights and practical advice.

Congrats to our Glide + Make challenge winners

Last month we challenged you to show off your most impressive Make scenarios that include Glide apps. We saw some great examples popping up in the community and on social. Congrats to @Myles_Chaput, @abdo, and for their winning entries!

New features, fixes, and updates :star2:

  • You will now see an opt-in notification when a new version of the Glide builder is available
  • Disconnected Google Drive OAuth can now be reconnected
  • Fixed a bug where a Show Screen action based on a relation didn’t show the screen
  • Clicking “Hire an Expert” now directs you to the new services marketplace
  • Classic apps now display a deprecation message when opened in the builder
  • Secondary menu items are now separated by dropdown for topbar layout, or divider for sidebar
  • Glide now prevents usage of plugins that are unsupported by your current plan
  • Editing an Action node title no longer opens the node menu
  • Made layout and accessibility fixes to the calendar component header
  • Your app users will now see a notification if their browser blocks a link from opening
  • Fixed poor table import of dates that should be decimals
  • Added the ability to re-authenticate on integrations like Google SQL data sources
  • Fixed a case where data updates could fail on Glide Tables with row owners, even if they initially appear to succeed

New resources from Glide and friends :handshake:

From the community :raised_hands:

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What are the secondary items you say are now in a dropdown when using topbar layout and divider when using sidebar layout? Is it possible to add sub menu items to the topbar or sidebar now?


Hi, Andy! Could you provide some example screen shots on this, please!

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Another great weekly update. Finding and organizing this content is a huge service and I find myself going to Announcements and scrolling your highlights to see what I have missed.

My request: I would love to have a single place to find your “From the community” and “New resources from Glide and friends” weekly highlights. Not sure if this is a ‘subtag’ or a ‘Category’ or even if it can be automated to pull this info out of your posts into their own ‘Category/Tag’.

Currently I go to Categories/Announcements and scroll to find your weekly “Community Update:” I am pretty sure an expert can figure out how to extract these and tag them/categorize them to show up on the left side for easier access.


Great work Andy!



These posts have tags. If you click on the tag, it should filter them for you.


That saves steps. Organizing the ‘sub-updates’ within the Community Update based on headers (or some other tagging method) so I can see them all in one place is the real “ask”.

Gotta make this a challenge for the experts…especially if they can figure out how to use some AI functionality. :wink:


Look out for the next update. :wink:


Sorry for the late response here…

If your app uses the top bar navigation layout, your secondary menu items will appear in a dropdown menu.

If your app uses the sidebar navigation layout, the secondary menu items will appear below a dividing line in the sidebar.


Has this been updated for everyone to use?

How do I enable custom css? It does not appear here in settings > Appearance

(Legacy Pro Plan)

It only applies to the new paid plans, not the legacy ones.