Have any regrets? 😭 What's 1 thing you wish you knew about nocode

Have any Glide/nocode regrets?

What is 1 thing you wish you knew before getting started with your nocode app?

Doing some research & your experience will help me find the best way to serve those coming behind you. :pray::pray::pray:

:point_down: Let me know and I’ll report back with my findings! :point_down:


I can only talk about Glide, because that’s the only no-code builder I’ve used.

The one thing I wish I knew about Glide before I got started is how god-damned powerful the Glide Data Editor is (and was). Then I wouldn’t have wasted so much freaking time messing around with spreadsheet formulas and scripts :man_facepalming:


This is intriguing! For me, power in the data editor comes from:

  • Call API
  • Built in Integration columns
  • Glide AI columns
  • Javascript Column

What’s missing from this list in your opinion?

Relations from the Users Table… Single Value → Whole row

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Absolutely all of the above have taken Glide to a whole new level.

But none of those even existed back when you and I started with Glide.
I was more referring to the core set of computed columns that have been there for at least the past 3 years - Math, Relations, Single Value, Rollups, Joined Lists, If-then-else, etc.

Took me a while to realise how powerful the above set of columns are, but once I did it opened up a whole world of possibilities.

Oh, and of the more recent additions one that definitely belongs on your list is the group of JSON columns - JSON Object, JSON Template, Query JSON. Talk about turbocharging your Apps…


Glide is poor at presenting tables of data. It is years behind Excel in this respect.

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Have you taken a look at the new tables in preview?


Yes, a nice and smart tool that we needed since long time ago!

BTW, have you taken a look at this bug I found working with New Table component as well?


I too sometimes still have to be amazed at glides table power!! I was building a step in my make.com integration. It was consuming about 100 tasks per run. Then brainwave!! The entire branch of that automation could be eliminated with relations in the glide table itself! No need to populate those columns with a male integration! Boom. And that’s how it works. Never stop learning!


The joy of life :100:

Just tried it and it’s brilliant! Game changer… thank you.

I particularly appreciate the Group option. This effectively releases one column from the table and gives it more room to breath.

Since you are sprinkling star dust around, here is a related wish: add an enhancement to the new table component that exports the table to CSV. Crucially the export would respect any user filters applied. That would be awesome.

Moreover, If we could have chart components that were linked to the table - again respecting user filters - then that would be incredible.

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Agree that both would be great to have as native features.

That said, both are already possible with the use of custom filters. More work to setup, but definitely possible.