New User switching over from other No-Code-Provider

Dear Community,

I would like to introduce myself as a new member and user. My name is Dirk, and I am the CEO of MEDIACODERS. We work with various clients in the media industry in Germany.

We have recently switched to Glide as our previous provider, a major cloud service, plans to discontinue its low-code offering by the end of February 2024. It was important for us to find a good replacement for our clients to migrate existing applications.

Currently, we primarily use no-code/low-code for creating frontends for data input. The processing or business logic of the applications often takes place on backend systems outside of low-code/no-code.

Through the videos in the Glide Academy, we quickly acquired knowledge, enabling us to migrate without any issues. During this process, we discovered several aspects in Glide that make working with data even easier and more user-friendly for our clients. The feedback from our initial migration clients has been consistently positive.

However, we have also identified some features that we currently miss in Glide. Here are a few examples in ascending order of priority:

  • Conditional Formatting: In our previous system, this feature allowed us to format individual rows in tables and data grids with different colors based on values in the cells to highlight significant variances.

  • API for Table Descriptions: We use Glide’s API to process data in backend systems. Our previous provider had an API not only for retrieving table data but also for obtaining a table description. This included field text labels (not just internal codes) and field types.

  • Output of Calculated Fields in the API: Currently, Glide’s API does not output the contents of calculated fields. While it may not always be possible, as these fields may contain instructions, outputting the simple result would be very helpful.

  • Automation: Glide currently lacks true automation. Actions can only be triggered by clicking a button or in columns. It would be beneficial if actions could also be triggered when adding rows to a table (e.g., via API).

There may already be solutions for the above points, and we look forward to further discussions on this. Overall, we consider Glide to be an excellent solution for both us and our clients.

Best regards,


Assuming that you are referring to tables/lists in the layout - as opposed to the Data Editor - then I expect that we’ll continue to see improvements from Glide in this area. Nothing specific that I’m aware of, but I do believe it is one of their focus areas.

This is an awesome idea. You might want to consider creating a separate post for this in Feature Requests :slight_smile:

That’s something that we are very unlikely to see, I’m afraid. Except for a very few exceptions with Glide Big Tables, all computed columns are evaluated client side, which means that the back end never actually sees the results. Also, results of computed columns are often user specific, and it’s not possible to query the API as any specific user.

Yes, this is something that’s often requested. Glide have made noises about it possibly coming, but we don’t know when.


Hi Darren,

thanks for your reply. For the Table-Description-API I will open a feature request, as suggested.

Kind regards,