💫🪗 JSON Trebuchet

:wave: Hey fellow Gliders!

Part two of my Trebuchet series is live!

Last week, I posted a tutorial on a new way to create inline arrays using the Trebuchet method

Part 2 is a deep dive on how you can Trebuchet more than a single value by creating arrays of JSON :exploding_head:.

Check out how to build an inventory ordering app using the JSON Trebuchet Method!



Box office stuff every week.

Maybe I’ll just call it Bob office from now.


I’m trying to get back into a cadence of one video every 2 weeks or so :sweat_smile:


Great stuff. 45 minutes that can save thousands of rows. Thank you!


Simply amazing, thank you so much…

Is it possible to make and distinguish orders for different projects?

If possible, what would be they best way to stucture the work flow as I’d like to use this method to create order lists for different projects from a project tab (and inside a specific project)

Thanks in advance