New Glide app planning

Hi there fellow Gliders.

I have an idea for an app and worked out some of the data structure. Its a basic trip logger of all trips each car goes on.

When inspo like this strikes to make lives easier, how do i plan out the functions of this app?

Your friendly neighbourhood Glider-man :grinning:

Apps like this are best for personal use. I would not try to use Glide to market an App like that. Glide is not B2C friendly. I have lots of Apps I use for personal use. The only one that has users other than myself and family/friends is an App written for a non-profit. I still have to go through the steps to update that App from Classic to Apps.


I agree with David. Glide is not destined for B2C/consumer-facing apps.

That’s not to say you can’t build it, but think thoroughly about what to build, what problem does it solve, and would your users be willing to pay for you to upgrade the app to the right plan.

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@David_Gabler @ThinhDinh - thank you all for your advice!

Maybe I should have explained better. I do not intend to sell this or have clients use it. The use case here will be solely between 3 people i collab with at the office. It is just a small Managment system that will take away the tedious task of having someone manually capture this info at the end of the week on an excel sheet and give to their manager.

I do understand all your views and truly appreciate it.

Any and all advice is welcome:)

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@hotToddy Sorry i couldnt mention you as well!

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This is very well written.

@Ismail_Adat with all that in mind, please start building it and let us know if you face any problems. The community is here to help.


I most certainly will do.

Thank you all! :saluting_face:

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