90% reduction of public users in starter plans. What is the reason?

Unfortunately, with the new update on the platform’s user limits, it will lose space in the market. Other nocode/low code alternative tools feature greater capability.
The limitation in the Starter plan with only 100 public users makes it unfeasible for small projects. This 90% reduction in the user limit was very radical. Responsible for the platform, what justifies such a sharp reduction in public users?


oh man, I just almost finished making my 1st app for B2C SaaS and noticed this reduction…

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And I’m from Brazil, and I’m trying to teach small businesses how GlideApp can help their daily business. Whether with sales, CRM, internal processes. Unfortunately, this update impedes this progress because, considering the dollar/local currency ratio, a small business will never be able to pay USD 99 to use an application. To have just 500 users, approximately 1 USD per user monthly. Unfortunately the news was very discouraging. I think that now in the Brazilian market Bublle will dominate

I’m Inquiring about this—I don’t remember there being any announcement of a change of this magnitude. Hoping it’s a typo…

My usage still shows original thresholds:

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Glide is not intended for B2C apps. It’s for creating apps for existing businesses, primarily for internal use.

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Sorry, but why would there be the option of a shopping cart and stripe integration?

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Ok I’m taking deep breaths and counting to 10. Tell me this isn’t true.

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I entered the pricing page and came across these images


The Stripe integration was likely a mistake. It’s not coming to Pages.

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@david Did you write about this change? I don’t think so and I believe it is not correct to change app plans without notifying us. We all have clients who pay us for the work we develop.
I apologize in advance if there was an announcement about this and I didn’t read it.

This is not a change to existing plans. It’s for new purchases. We tweak our pricing often for new purchases and we leave existing subscriptions alone. Don’t wait to buy Glide if you like the price!

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But it would be right to write it somewhere, we could have authorized estimates but without the work started, this could lead us to make mistakes and lose customers.

These changes are not active yet—it’s a test on the pricing page alone. We will communicate before any hard limits are changed.

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David - IMHO this is a strategic mistake. My love for Glide stems from developing private apps that I can use as a hobby, with friends or even as a side-hussle.

It was only once I became proficient and confident that I now creat Glide Apps for work. Indeed one of them has just been submitted - by end users not me - to the company’s Annual Innovation Tournament due to its many benefits and significant business impact.

If you shut down the B2C approach then you will dramatically restrict the on-boarding of new users. Not everyone will not want their first project to be B2B.

I will also add that I have benefited over the years from seeing showcases of B2C apps and learning with developers how they tackle issues. Great inspiration. It is highly unlikely such transparent sharing will happen if the Apps are owned by B2B users.

Can’t you find a low cost compromise similar to the recently abandoned contract options?


David, I’m sorry. But you have the simplest tool, and in my point of view the best one for no code beginners. The glide is really amazing. However, this sudden reduction ends up scaring away new customers from the tool. I speak from what I know about the Brazilian nocode market. The bubble has been growing tremendously, I can mention here some of their communities. The glide can lose space in the market because it is very limited to beginner users, they will look for new alternatives. Stay with the old plan for a few more months, this is a request from the community.

B2C apps are great in theory—they’re exciting to build! But they practically never succeed and they don’t make a business for us.

We simply do not have customers with apps with thousands of public users willing to pay us more than it costs to run their apps (most don’t know what it actually costs to run software at scale—it can cost a million dollars per year to run a popular public app). It’s not a business unless we price Glide like a cloud, where we make a margin on raw cloud resource reselling.

Every day we find customers with internal Glide apps, sometimes used by thousands of employees, and they’re paying us $25/mo because they set their apps to public. These customers should be paying us at least $1k/mo. These are companies whose names you’d recognize, with multi-million dollar software budgets.

We have real businesses using Glide to build apps for work, which is what Glide is designed for from day one. They’re easily willing to pay $10k/year. Their apps actually get used!

Then we have all the people who dream of building the next AirBnB. They have no budget and their apps practically always fail. Maybe someone will hire you for $1k to build them a Tinder clone or marketplace app, but we cannot achieve our mission if we price Glide so that anyone can build a successful social network for $25.

Who would you build for if you were us?


Glide is going to get a lot more powerful this year! We want to stay much easier to use than Bubble, though.


You answered the question yourself. With the greatest respect, please find a creative pricing solution, for example cloud based pricing.

Doesn’t B2C represent profitable additional revenue if the main product is already built and maintained? Not to mention the other benefits outlined in feedback above?

Davi a company willing to pay 10k USD a year will not use the glide. They have developers and teams to manage projects in traditional programming, with robustness and security superior to glide. Do a search within your tool, what are the apps created in it? I think this very strict limitation will lead to the end of the glide. I’m not an expert in marketing, sales, business prospecting or anything like that, but see in a short time with this post it was received by the community. I don’t know what alternative you have to increase your income, maybe packages for each plan.
But today seeing the new updates was a very negative and disheartening surprise

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This is false. We have these customers, and talk to more every day. We have customers who pay much more than this. They literally tell us “we would happily pay you 10x what you’re charging, but why should we when your Pro plan is more than we need?”

These customers are non-technical people on HR, Operations, Sales, etc. teams. They don’t have developers standing around waiting to build what they need. With Glide, they can build what they need in days. This is enormously valuable to them.