What if you end up building a 'viral' app?


I have pretty basic question as I am new to Glide. I saw that even on Business Plan number of public users are only 1000. What if you end up making a ‘viral’ app? Won’t you be able to register more than 1000 users?

If building a viral App is your goal, then Glide is the wrong platform for you.


hmm ok, got it. thanks!

I’ll counter @Darren_Murphy a little here…

Glide can’t handle a “viral” app, sure.

But how do you get a viral app? You need to try things out. And a lot of things, you can try out much faster on Glide than other platforms. Building a native app or even using something like Flutter is going to take much much longer to build. That’s either your time or your money. Don’t spend tons of time or money making an app that you think could go viral… build it fast on glide and then see if you can get the users. Then guess what… you have a functional mvp that proved there’s interest. Now you can raise some money and build a native app for your viral idea.

So go ahead and try out Glide, but consider it your rapid prototyping tool and not the final stack for your viral app.


This applies if you plan to develop a B2C public-facing app. Then Glide can be a nice prototyping or MVP tool.

If you plan to develop B2B internal business apps – catalogues, processes, employees portals, CRM, field operations, etc. – then Glide will handle a finalized and perfectly functional live app. These use cases is what Glide is mostly for.


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