Can Glide be used for a commercial (SaaS type) app?

I’m a bit confused about this as I see the number of private users limited to 100 etc. Does this mean, we could only have 100 customers? I like the idea of using Glide but concerned we’d be trying to make it do things its not intended for?

P.S Big fan of letting companies connect to SendGrid. I really don’t like that you can’t customize the PIN email for branding consistency.

For the Business plan, this is the current limit for private users, but on the pricing page they said you can contact sales for more than 100.


Glide’s focus is on internal apps, apps that can be used inside organizations and never need to make it to the app stores. In other words, not customer-facing apps.

For more info about public and private users, you can see this excellent post by @Darren_Murphy.

Thats unfortunate. I think there is a real opportunity to support consumer/business facing apps on Glide. There are way to many internal tool builders.

I have a limited knowledge of the no-code solution market, I know of a few tools that happen to be in the bubble I’m in. Or I happen to be in their bubble.

As far as I understand it, depending on one’s needs, Glide is among the very best solutions to build internal B2B applications. If that’s what you need, then you are in the right place.

Using Glide, there might be a case for selling templates or selling app copies to clients, which is not too far from selling a SaaS solution though not the same either. Selling templates in the Glide template store is scalable. I’m not sure about the latter, at least not at scale and not as of yet.

For B2C public-facing applications, Bubble comes to mind as a often-cited solution. There might be many others.


Hi @Kate_H you can definitely add more than 100 users the only point to note is that currently it’s not self service (I believe they are aiming to make it self service) so you have to contact support. I believe the users above 100 are bundled into packs e.g. 25 users. Support will be able to confirm this.

Glide have been awesome validating our use case. We are in finance and seems there are limitations around the types of data that Glide can be used for which would eliminate our use case for public or team facing. Sad as its an amazing platform but appreciate their focus.

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