10 public limit users on free plan

I’m using Glide to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but to decide whether to continue implementing features with Glideapp, I need more than 10 users, at least 100. Even if I subscribe to the PRO plan for €99, it allows a maximum of 500 users, which is ridiculously low considering the cost.

Is there any way to register users even if I have to develop it in a more manual way without using the login components? Any method is fine with me as long as I can validate my MVP, and then if it works well, I’ll happily pay.

Is there any way to have more users, even if I do it manually?

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You can get a free trial of the Business Plan, which allows up to 100 private and 500 public users.

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Hi Darren,
This is not an option.
So there is no work around? connect via my DB and send an email via mailchimp or something like that, or just let user logIn without email confirmation, I don’t care for now.
The thing is that I have some basic functionalities like reviews that depends on the user and I cannot be “ghost” user.


I am sorry to say but I do not understand what you are aiming for!

It looks like that you wish to create an app which is used and tested by 100s of Users before being published.

The Business Trial (as pointed out by @Darren_Murphy ) offers 15 days of nearly everything Glide has to offer and to be honest, if you can’t make your MVP developed and tested in those 2 weeks then you are simply in the wrong place.

BTW This is a Community Forum where Community Members help each other, any service and pricing issues should be send to to Glide directly.


Its actually 100 Private and 1000 Public User, as of now :slight_smile:.

Hello MGA,

First of all, my initial question was regarding the possibility of allowing user creation without the limit of 10 users per month. Perhaps there is a less automated way to do it without cost, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. I don’t understand the part about “tested before being published”… my app is already published, but I have this limitation.

I mentioned the MVP context to explain why I need more than 10 users. And no, 15 days is really not enough to test an MVP because it often depends on the market, how you advertise it, etc. But we won’t discuss product details in this channel as it’s not the motivation.

By the way, with all due respect, what is the contribution or value added by your comment?


I am sorry to say (again) but I still do not understand what you are aiming for!

You are stating that your app is published, well done! Which Plan are you using?

Please share your Link, you need many Users for testing, right?

PS Thing is that one has to develop ones APP around Glides Plans and Features, not around ones individual requirements!

PSS I might be wrong but it looks to me that you have little knowledge so far about Glide since you only signed up for this community yesterday!