Limit of users on free glide app

Hi everybody!

I currently have the free version of Glide and 1 app that I’m onboarding users on. Is there a limit as to how many users can make an account on the app?

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Rebecca Jacob

On the free plan, you are limited to 3 private users and 10 public users.

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Interesting as i have 16 users already… do you know how that can be?

16 users, public or private?
psst, don’t tell anyone that I told you this, but it might be that public user limits are not enforced :wink:


Thank you Darren! :zipper_mouth_face:

I have a mix, but im actually not sure of the specifics. Betweeen 8-10 public users, the rest I got by adding a new line on the users table and filling in their info. Does that even count as a private user?

It depends on your Privacy settings, and whether or not you assign roles to users.
Can you show me your privacy settings?

Yeah, of course! I haven’t assigned roles to any users so that means they’re all public if im not mistaken.

Yes, you are correct :+1:

As long as you allow anyone to sign in, then you’re all good.


Nicee thank you Darren :smiley:

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