Monthly User Limit?

I am creating an app in Glide and I have referred to the Flowchart on privacy

From my understanding, my app in this chart, would look like this:
Access? Public
? Required
Roles? Users without Roles

I have my users synced from an airtable user table, and as you seen from this screenshot, there are no current row owners or roles set.

Here is a final screenshot of the privacy settings I currently have. Note that I am on the free plan.

Any help would be appreciated!

So what’s the question? How many users can access your app under those current settings?

The answer is 10 as outlined on Glide’s pricing page. Your users would be considered Public users.

I guess my question is why am I at the limit if I only have 7 public users?

What is indicating that you are at the limit? Can you show your usage for your team folder? Can you also show your user profile configuration?

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