How much can I do on a free account?

I’ve set up a Glide app for a non profit that displays a list of animals and some interesting facts about them. The data source is an Airtable base.

There is no user input through the app, so users can’t change, add or delete info in the app. It is set up to be a “read only” app. There will be maybe two or three people that have access to the backend to do updates, but maybe 100+ people that use it to read the info provided. I’ve set up a list of users with email addresses they have to enter before using the app.

I’ve attached a screen grab of my privacy settings. Based on those settings, can someone please help me work out whether we can continue to use this app with a free account?

No, you can’t.
Because you are restricting who can sign in to you App, all users that do sign in will be counted as private users. And private users are limited to 3 on a free plan.

Even if you allowed anyone to sign in, users would become public and the limit would be 10.

Row limits and other limits aside, the only way you could use that App on a free plan would be to remove the need to sign in.

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Is there somewhere where the limitations of the free app is clearly set out?

Thanks for clarifying - I thought it was too good to be true. It is very difficult to fins a simple, low cost solution for this project.

Just set up the password for users, and hide tabs if they do not enter the correct password.

Ah - that sounds like an idea. So if I understand correctly, I add a column to the users table with a password, then use the visibility settings of each tab so that when “password is ###”. How do I set up the bit where they enter their password?

Sorry if that’s a dumb question - I’m very new to this :slight_smile:

Make the first tab visible when the password is empty or incorrect, and place the text entry element there. This tab has to be based on the Users Sheet

OK - just a custom tab? Or a form tab?

Custom tab… in the form tab, I don’t think you can do if-else logic.
Make a text entry hooked to a USC text column.

Ripper - thanks so much for your help.
I’ll give that a try.

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Hi I’m back - have finally had a bit of time to try this idea out, but I can’t get it working.

I’ve set up a column for the password in my users table that is a text column and user specific.

Then set up a new tab with just a text entry component (for now) - this tab is only visible when password is not “testpass” (temporary password for testing obviously). Text entry is linked to the password column so the password appears in the table when entered.

But that’s all that happens. As “anyone” in the testing window I type in “testpass” and then nothing happens. I remain as “anyone”.

The other tabs that I’ve set to be visible only when password is “testpass” are not visible.

What am I missing?

Is anyone able to help me sort this out? Uzo - are you there?

yes ;-). this case is only on private chat…