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Hi everyone,

I’m new in the glide’s game and I hope to stay long !

We’re organizing music festival with an NGO. The information is stored in Airtable, and we would like to share it with volunteers and musicians.

I set ut the whole app [edit : it’s actually a page, don’t know if that matter], test it to be sure that everyone is accessing only his/her own information and it works well from the builder. There’s no role assigned, but multiple Row owner per sheet with only mails or array of mails from Airtable lookup fields.

eg: Artist can access their profile, own artist info and their Group information
Volunteers can access their profile and their volunteer information
Managers can access the profiles of all the artist they manage
Admin can access all profiles and information

I though that all user would be considered as public users because no role were assigned but it’s not the case, do you know what’s going on ?

This app has reached its monthly private user limit. Please upgrade for more.

I plan to upgrade with the NGO plan if the first section of the app is working well, but I need to know how to solve this “private user” problem first… Thanks for you help !

Here’s some image or row owners in the “Group” table


Some new items to show the row owners
(one by one as I’m a new user sorry…)


If you make sign-in required and restrict who can sign into your app (and it sounds like that’s what you are doing), then all users will be considered as private users.

Can you provide a screen shot of your Privacy Settings? (Settings->Privacy)

Thanks for the answer,

That’s my privacy seetings at the moment :slight_smile:

Should I change the Users setting to anyone ?


Yeah, changing it to Anyone should do the trick.
Also, make sure that you only assign roles to users that actually need them. Every user that you assign a role to will be counted as a Private User.

Thanks a lot, it looks that it’s working !

I just have then two more questions :slight_smile:

  • how do I tell people that they are not logged in wih the right email address if it’s the case ? They will just see the same pages as non logged in users…
  • where are the new users stored ?

Thanks for your help, I was a bit stuck with my “useless” app where noone could sign-in…

These should all be added to whichever table you have configured as your User Profiles Table.

Yeah, that’s a bit tricky.
Are you collecting real email addresses, or do you have email anonymisation enabled?
If you are collecting real email addresses, then what you could do is maintain a separate table of “known/expected” users, and then build a relation to that table from your User Profiles table, matching on the signed in users email address. If that relation is empty, then this would tell you that the currently signed in user is an “unknown” user, and you can take whatever action is appropriate in terms of messaging and what they get to see.


I found the new users thanks to your advice, they were filtered on airtable.

I’m still on a free plan for now on glide, so I don’t have real emails from new users. That allow me to look at the address of the user and if it contains the a custom message tells them to logout and use the correct email. I hope there won’t be too many of them because they are counting on the 100 public user limit!

Thanks again for all your support : I’m really happy to be able to try Glide in a real situation with real users before purchasing a plan.

That actually won’t work. Unless you’re collecting real email addresses, then Glide will anonymise all emails, including those of “known” users. So you’ll probably need to upgrade before you can get the behaviour that you’re looking for.

It looks that it works :

  • if the user log in with a “known” email from my table list, then it looks like Glide uses the existing user, without any “new” email
  • if the user was not in the table, then a new user is created with the anonimized email

I checked this behavior with my own account, but maybe it’s not correct because I previously logged in and I am registered as a “private user” already. I’ll try with a “new existing” user to be sure.

Stay tuned ! :slight_smile:

mmm, if the user is already pre-populated in the User Profiles table, this might be the case…

Yep, I tried and it works like this in my page at least. It’s good because email address is the only way in my app to show the relevant information.

Let’s go to another issue in another thread : “where are my rows?

Thanks !


That’s an interesting behaviour. I guess when you already know the user’s email in advance then Glide does not want to anonymize that.

Don’t know if it works with special values or not. I guess it works because the “anonymization” part might have stopped after the writing of the email to the user profiles table. Afterwards, it just uses that email column?

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Yeah, it is interesting. Need to do some testing with this one. If it works like this, I wonder if you’d consider that a minor loophole? :thinking:

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I would consider it a minor loophole.

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