Rows are not showing up

Hi there !

I created my first glide page from a large existing airtable database. Appart from a private and public user problem, it looks really nice and useable for the basic information i’m using at the moment.

I’m still on a free plan and plan to upgrade because my row limit will be reached quickly if I want to use all my airtable information in Glide.

For the moment I’m still under the limits, but I’m wondering why the table view in glide is “cutting” off some of the information in my tables. For example, in my “schedule” table, only 60 rows out of 500+ are showing up, even if I’m not using them in my apps. Same for “Payments” and other tables.

Do someone knows why they are they cut off ? Will they show entirely if I upgrade ?

Thanks for your answers !


I’ve noticed this before too. It has something to do with the feee plan, but I’m not able to tel you why.