Glide Tables rows not showing on editor

I’m having issues with Glide Table Rows specially on Editor. On the app, sometimes works, sometime don’t.
I have a free plan, usage at the moment is 400 / 1000 updates.

I’m using “native glide” tables, and I’m, not seeing all the rows on Editor mode. Sometimes I refresh the cache, and it shows up the missing rows, sometimes doesn’t. At the moment, I’m not able to access the missing rows anymore.

This happens despite the amount of rows of the table, some of them have 5/6 rows and some of them +300.

I’ve tried differents browsers, incognito, reseting cache, and still having issues.

Any clues?


The fact that you have available updates on a free plan leads me to believe that you are on a legacy free plan. The legacy free plan only allows for 500 total rows per app. If you exceed that limit, then you will start seeing limited rows, and yes it can be random which rows actually show up. They are still there, but access to them is random and limited by your plan.

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Oh ok, yes I’m on a free legacy plan.
This answer my question. Didn’t know that you still have a limit on rows.

What’s the difference with the new free plan ?

I’m using the app just for myself and it’s an expense control app.

Best to go to the current pricing page and see what the new plan offers. Biggest differences in your case is that it only allows personal types of email addresses to sign in, glide tables is the only data source option, you get 25k rows, and you get zero updates. Glide take no longer counts updates on data, but if you have any other integrations that use updates, you will not be able to use them.

I recommend creating a new team. Then duplicate your app and transfer the duplicate to the new team to try it out.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your help. Glide should add a message saying “you are seeing random rows because of the limits…”.

I tried as you said and it’s working totally fine.
I only had some webhook that are not available on the new free version, not a big deal.
Thanks again, solved.


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