Glide Table Rows Intermittently Disappearing, for showing only 10 rows

Hello Gliders, first of all, I’m getting the exact same issue as @jdelozier in this topic Glide Table Rows Intermittently Disappearing

My issue
Glide Table Rows Intermittently Disappearing, for showing only 10 rows, with no significant explanation, both on the published app and admin Glide Table view.
Then, quite randomly, rows reappear (or not) after refreshing the page.

Here an example I experienced few minutes before writing the post :
1. I opened the app (only 10 rows)

2. I refreshed twice (all rows)

3. I refreshed once again (10 rows) - I promise it’s same screenshot as the 1st one

I’m on Legacy Free Plan and it seems that I’m far from the limits usage

Can you help me please?

After plenty of searches, I’ve found a lot of people having more or less similar issue but nobody got a solution, that’s why I repost here.

Hi Garry! Looks like you have too many rows in your app… Over 800 according to your screenshot. Legacy Free plan have limit of 500.

Thank you @Nataliya_Kovaleva, fine ! Can you please send the link where you screenshot this?

In my opinion, Glide’s Plans are very confusing… what’s your suggestion?

I’m saying this because I found this as well, here Flexible Pricing Plans That Scale With Your Business | Glide

You’re on a Legacy Free plan, not a New Free plan. You can create a new team and move your app over there to see if it helps.

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Sure. Legacy Pricing | Glide

Since you are not using Google sheets, I would support ThinhDinh’s suggestion on creating a new team and trying the New Free plan. Just don’t upgrade yet, because there will be no way for you to get back to the Legacy plan if you will not be satisfied with the New Plan for some reason. Although it is generally much better.


Thank you all. I will test this suggestion.