Rows get lost and come back due to application updates?

Rows constantly disappear from the different glide sheets, causing my information to be inaccurate. Can someone tell me how I can solve this?

Currently my plan is free since I am learning to use the application.

Thanks for your Help

Legacy Free or the New Free plan. How many combined rows do you have in all of your tables used in the app?

Thanks for your quick response,

My plan is Legacy Free. I combine every row from at least 4 tables.

And what is the total number of rows?

Table 1 - 77 Rows (increasing rows)
Table 2 - 249 Rows (increasing rows)
Table 3 - 37 Rows (increasing rows)
Table 4 - 19 Rows (fixed rows)

Can you show a screenshot from your usage screen in the dashboard?

Shure… this is the dashboard for the current cycle

I would count your rows again, because this says you have gone over your 500 row limit on the legacy free plan. That is going to cause random rows to disappear. The data is still there, but it can’t display all of it.