Glide Table Rows Intermittently Disappearing

Data in my Glide Tables is intermittently disappearing. When this happens, it always retains 10 rows…but those rows are randomly retained. If I refresh my browser, sometimes all the rows reappear, but sometimes it take multiple refreshes to get them to reappear. This causes display problems, especially for related columns that no longer have anything to relate to. In the video I’ve included, you can see where the rows in my BREWERIES table and SPECIAL EVENTS table are initially missing. When I refresh they reappear. I have RowID in both tables. Also, this issue only began happening when I switched from Google Tables to Glide Tables. Can anyone provide insights or suggestions? Video URL: Beer Hop App · Glide.mp4 - Google Drive

Which plan? Legacy or New? What does your usage screen show?

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Legacy Starter plan. I explained what my video showed in my posting.

In your video the plan shows as Maker… Not Legacy Starter… Did you recently switched between plans or it’s a display glitch? What your usage page looks like?

Sorry, was there supposed to be audio in that video? I didn’t hear anything.

Thanks for letting me know which plan you are on. There is still a glitch that makes Legacy Starter show as Maker when you are inside the builder, so that’s why I asked.

As for my second question, can you please answer that? The Legacy Starter plan only allows for 5k rows. What you are explaining seems to indicate that you have more row than 5k rows. That is why I asked to see the usage screen, to confirm that.

Hi Jeff,

I didn’t include any audio in the video…just showed me refreshing the browser and how that changes the rows.

My app currently has 27,094 rows. (See attached)

What is the best way to proceed so that stops happening?


Your options are to reduce the number of rows to fit your plan, or change to a different plan that accomodates the number of rows you need. I also see that you are well over your update limit as well.

Thanks, Jeff,

The struggle is that none of the plans accommodate what I need. They either give me enough rows or they allow all the users that I already have. Is there a way to accommodate both???

Have you looked at the new plans? The current Maker plan allows for unlimited personal users and 25k rows. There are important differences though between Legacy Starter and the new Maker plans, so make sure you understand the differences before committing. The most obvious difference is the type of user that can sign in.

Other than that, your other option is to contact Glide Sales about a custom Enterprise plan.


Hello @jdelozier , any update of this issue so far? I’ve got the same