Not importing all airtable rows

Hi there I have linked airtable and glide, all the tables connect but in the tables all of the records/rows are not coming across, this is even the case for tables where there are no filtered views. Can anyone help?

Do you have more rows than your plan supports, in your attached Airtable data?

I do but assumed this only impacts the live view and not the data when I look at the data tab, am i wrong?

The way it works is as follows: If a table is referenced anywhere in your App, then all rows in that table are counted towards your row quota.

Yeah, it’s kind of frustrating, especially if you are just building an unpublished app and already have a large dataset. But I believe with external data sources, Glide will load a minimum of 10 rows per table and then start populating the rest of the rows in the tables, up to your plan limit.

I honestly don’t know why they do this in the builder. Understandable that the published app should respect the limits, but the builder should still have access to the data to at least allow you to build your project. I have a legacy classic app that I’m itching to rebuild as a new app, but I want to take my time doing it in a free team plan first due to its complexity. It’s impossible to rebuild in anything less than a pro plan, because critical portions of data are left out due to Glide truncating the data. Tried once, but quickly gave up because I was missing critical data needed to allow me to build a majority of the screens in my app. Can’t build anything if you can’t see what you are building. Right now I’m in a holding pattern. Not sure what my next step is. Either pay for an additional pro team just to build my project, or maintain my old legacy app until I’m forced to a new team plan and new app. Then it will be a scramble to rebuild, but I’m crossing my fingers that glide will have a conversion tool by then.

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Not sure if this is applicable, but maybe the trial here can help with the rows count, at least for 14 days.


Good point. I could have a power build session for my app to get a bulk of it built, and then I would be that much further ahead when I finally have to migrate away from my legacy plan and classic app.