Better control of record imports from Airtable


TLDR: Not being able to control what records get imported into Glide from Airtable is a huge pain point. Is this something that is in the pipeline? Does anyone else have similar issues?

Long version:
I have been using Glide for roughly a week now and it has been great, but one of the things that I have been missing the most is the ability to have greater control of the records that I import.

A very specific use case is that I have customers apply to use my website. As soon as they fill out the application form they get added to my user table, which then automatically gives them access to my Glide app because Glide imports their entire user table.

In an ideal world, I would be able to first manually approve that customer, which would then move them to a view in Airtable and only then give them access to my Glide app.

The second issue that is fairly big is that because I have a large Airtable base, I am pretty close to hitting the 25000 record limit, even though I don’t need 50% of the table and therefore roughly 50% of the records that are being imported. Again here, having greater control over what tables and records are imported would be a significant improvement to the overall user experience.

Lastly, due to all records being imported I am fairly sure that it is causing performance issues in Chrome. There have been multiple instances where my Glide App has crashed and I have also received feedback from customers who have experienced the same. They keep getting an error message saying “Could not load network resources”.

It would be good to know if a solution for this is in the works or if something like this is not prioritized because as it is not a common enough issue that others experience.

You can unlink individual tables from your app–is this what you mean? Can you add more detail about how you want to control which rows are loaded?

I am talking about specific rows within a table.


We have a customer table in Airtable - all records sit in the Grid view.

We have a filtered customer list that has been approved - those records sit in the approved view.

→ Only customers that sit in the “approved view” can sign in to my Glide app.

I have already unlinked individual tables but according to support it sounds like those records (as they are synced to my Airtable base) are still counting towards my rows usage.

So, the issue here is twofold: 1) Users who haven’t been approved can sign into my Glide app and 2) records from Airtable base that are not needed in my Glide app are counting towards the usage which is problematic for me as I am at 24.1k records out the 25k limit.

I will check on this-it should not work this way.

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Hey David,

Wanted to follow up on this. I am getting dangerously close to my limits and again when I talked to support they said it counts the amount of records I have in base and not how many records sit in the table that are connected to Glide.

Hi @david

It would be awesome in we could select an Airtable view as the source to a linked Glide table. As filtering in Glide is not a security feature, filtering the columns & records prior to the connection could be really useful in some scenarios.

This feature is available in most of the no-code tools out there.


I’m testing out glide right now for the first time to see if it can be the tool that I’ve been looking for to start building apps with my airtable data, and I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that I need to be able to filter the data before it gets brought in. Having the ability to bring in data from an airtable view, rather than the entire table would be ideal for so many different reasons.


Has this been solved/addressed (e.g. filtering data before importing into Glide)?


@david Yes please allow users to select specific Airtable table, along with specific view being imported (instead of entire base). This would be very beneficial as we can slim down our data being loaded with filers (hiding unnecessary rows and columns) prior to being imported. The Airtable API allows access by base, table or view. Thanks!


Any updates?