How to increase monthly user app limit?

Hi my users are getting a message that says:

This app has reached its monthly user limit. Please upgrade for more.

However, I’m having a hard time understanding how many private users I have, what my limit is, what I need to upgrade to?

The below might help:

Also, if you can show a screen shot of your App Privacy Settings, and explain your goal in terms of public/private users, we might be able to offer some advice.

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Hi Darren I want all my users to be private. I have a list of ~100 with names and emails and I thought I was paying for a usage level that would allow anyone of those 100 to hop (even all at once) without hitting this limit.
Can you tell me where I can validate these limits or even see my usage levels? My Usage tab is not very intuitive.

The below…

… suggest that you are on a Free Plan. Is that correct?

If you want 100 Private users, then you need at least a Business Plan.

From the Glide Pricing page:

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Thank you Darren I’m all set. You’re a rockstar!!!

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