I have reached my Private User limit

Regarding Glide usage, I have reached my private user limit of 50 people. I need to onboard more people into the app, but I have about 10 users who are not very active. Will removing these inactive users reduce my user count? What is the best way for me to resolve this, as I need to add more people?


Limits reset at the end of your billing cycle. Have you considered moving away from your legacy plan to one of the newer plans?

what other plan could you recommend?

Only you can determine that based on your needs. The Maker plan allows for unlimited users, but they can only use personal email addresses. Team and Business allow for 20 and 40 users respectively, but you can pay per additional user. All of them have various pros and cons in comparison to you Legacy Pro plan depending on your specific needs for any of the other features.

Look over the current pricing page and compare it to the legacy pricing to see how they compare.

New plans no longer have a concept of private or public users. Now the consideration is personal users or simply users (which encompasses anyone).


Thank You

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