250 Private User Limit: Implying Glide won't perform with heavier usage? [SOLVED]

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Built an advanced conference and community events app for a 3-week long event… and then understood the selected SIGN-IN method (“Limit access to emails in table…”) won’t work due to the 250 limit (as it may be up to 1000 users signing in and up to 400 users using the app at the same time).

I think I’ll find a way around this (to still limit access only to event attendees) even with “Public with email” sign in method, however, seeing such a shockingly low limit (250?!) I get serious concerns about Glide performance that it’ll not pull the weight of hundreds of users during the event and our Glide app will be a disaster.

So 2 questions:
• (1) Does the 250 limit imply that Glide can comfortably pull only up to 250 active users at the same time? Will the app still work with 400 concurrent users?
• (2) Why is the limit so low? Why limit such a great feature to such shockingly low numbers?

I also have a lot of app use cases where (a) sign in needs to be limited; (b) sign ins go way beyond 250 per month; and (c) users not really being active (using the app only few times per month)… In such case “Limit access to emails in table…” would be a perfect feature without putting actual strain on Glide infra… but 250 limit (?!).

No, not at all. 250 is just the limit on the Pro Team plan. If you need more than that, then you may need to look at an Enterprise plan.

Absolutely. I can’t find the reference right now, but I’m aware of one app that was comfortably supporting in excess of 300k users.

I guess it’s low because Private Users is considered a valuable feature. So if you want more private users, you just have to pay for them.

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Thank you so much, @Darren_Murphy ! Really appreciate your speedy response.

Ok, at least I hope it will work properly with hundreds of concurrent users.

Yes, I could try to get the Enterprise plan but usually it takes long, negotiations etc. and we need clarity fast so I guess my best bet is to pick the Pro or Business plan and use AirTable magic to block non-confirmed users from using the app (even though they’d still be able to sign up).

Thanks again. Have a beautiful week ahead!

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@Vykintas_Glodenis you should be aware the difference between public login and private users. If you use public login then all data is downloaded to users device but they cannot necessary see the data in the app if you restrict them from that by use of visibility. But data can be found by inspecting your app on a computer. It might not be a problem for you

More info here:


Thank you, @Krivo ! Super valuable :slight_smile:

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