Glide App limits for user data

It is my understanding that Glide Pro app has limit of 25000 rows. Which means if I am going to have signed in users than I can have 25000:users. Question- for each user, how many columns can I use for storing data into columns (push) and also pulling data from columns and displaying in user app page?


The 25k is a suggestion not a hard limit. You can go past the 25k. It will depend on the structure and complexity of your app.

Generally speaking apps will slow down as they approach 25k (even well before if it’s very complex)

I’d suggest having a look at row owners.

Here’s an example…
100k Users each with 1 row of data.

Using a filter - All 100k rows would first need to be downloaded to the user devices and only then it would filter down to one row. (This would make the app very slow or not usable at all)

Using Row Owners - Each of the 100k users would only download 1 row of data to his or her device (Making the app very fast and usable) :+1:

Taking the example above this means we could have 25k users and our Glideapp would only consume 1 row of data. That is if we apply row owners correctly.


Thank you Eric. Appreciate your reply very much. This clears half of my issue. I am going to use row,owners as explained in document. Now I have information on my website blog that gets updated / new blog added every few days. I am trying to link specific blog post to my glideapp so that users can see it in their app. It’s going to be public so all users can see it in their app. Any thoughts and suggestions?

Thank you very much,

Then you should not apply row owners for that specific table where you store these blogs.

Do you just want to put a link in the app and the users will click that to go to your blog?


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