Actual Row Limits (Glide Tables / Row Owners)?

Hi all, I have done some research and can only find one answer, I’d hope for further confirmation before I build my app to conform to my assumptions.

Fact 1: It’s marketed that an app can have no more than 25k rows of data.

Observation: This isn’t a hard limit, it’s a hard suggestion because performance is terrible +25k.

Question 1: Glide Table - If I have a Glide Table with 2k public rows and use that in App A, at that moment App A has 2k rows used. What happens if I create App B and add the existing glide table to it (linked from my team tables)? Does App B now also have 2k used? Or has it used 0?

Question 2: Is the 25K limit suggestion true for Glide Tables, or only Google Sheets?

Question 3: I have read the limit is about how much data a users device downloads, not how much data is stored in the admin. Is this true?

Question 4: If 3 is true, would I be allowed to use Glide Table to make an app with 50k rows of data, where the majority of the data has owners, and each user never downloads more than 1k rows for their own use? - This is the import question! :slight_smile:

Thank you all.

Yes, App B would have 2k rows if it’s using that existing table for any reason.

It’s true no matter which data source you use. Glide Tables will be better, because there isn’t any additional synchronization of data between glide and google, but data is also synced to the users device.

Consider the performance of a user’s device when they have to cache 25k row of data, or perform calculations on 25k rows of data. You can limit the amount of data there’s sent to a device if you use Row Owners.

Technically yes…for now. It may not be an enforced limit right now, but never rule out the fact that it could become a hard limit in the future. Especially with the new team plan pricing. I think it would perform well if only 1k rows are sent to the users device, and a glide table would work fine with 50k rows, but the 25k row limit is something to keep an eye on. It’s both a somewhat technical limit, and a somewhat plan based limit.


Thanks a lot for your time - I will consider all these things :+1:

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