Row Limits and Data Limits in Private App option

Hi Glide Users,

I am new to glide and currently evaluating if i should be using glide for my apps as App Sheet’s pricing is not feasible. But i am a little wary of moving ahead because of the row limit. I am evaluating their Private App ($2per user) option. My app will involve daily attendance of about 600 players in a sports academy apart from a few other things. Though end users will be about 70 coaches who will be taking this attendance, i expect my number of rows to exceed 25000 sooner rather than later especially as i intend to use the app for a few years at least.
I read the previous posts on the topic but i am not sure that if i use Glide Tables instead of Google Sheets, will this restriction still apply.

Please Help,

It applies regardless of what type of backend you use.

If you don’t need users to view all the data of other users, you can try applying row owners.

Users will only see what they’re allowed to see and download data that belongs to them.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Does it mean that the limit of 25000 rows is per row owner?


Yeah, that technical limit will be much less of a problem if you apply row owners, because users would only download rows they have access to.