Crazy number of rows per user


I feel almost sorry to ask, im sure its answered already - but i couldn’t find a topic answering it clearly.

How do you make apps with giant number of rows?

Like a to do list app where people have projects and sub tasks…
Let’s say each user has 100 to do items (with name, description, deadline, picture etc) and lets say i plan on having 5000 users (lucky me lol)
So a total of 500k rows. + the projects rows etc…

-The trebuchet method doesn’t work i think as each to do item is user specific and contain more than one column.

-Best option i came up with so far:
preset by default 50 task rows with only user specific column…
(but when they get one task done/checked… it has to stay in “ completed tasks”… ?)

Any solution ?
A youtube video talking about it?

Thanks in advance

Glide is not (yet) meant to be used to develop consumer-facing apps. Glide is great for developing internal business apps (mobile or web) and prototypes/MVPs (for both consumer-facing and business apps).

You illustrate with your project the point precisely: at 500k rows you would need to be on an enterprise plan.

Your project might make sense if indeed you are delivering this app to an enterprise client. If this is the case, you can contact Glide directly to discuss the pricing of an enterprise plan. If this is not the case, I think you’ll quickly hit limits.

if you don’t mind waiting a few seconds, you can use google sheets filters or lookup formulas to bring data from the main sheet to a glide gs a few rows per click… this way you can have millions of rows even in a free app :wink: or use API to search data base

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@Uzo Can you explain how? This 25,000 row limit is brutal. For example, 1,000,000 users.

it is a complicated process and you need to deal with 5 to 10 seconds delays for each data swap, definitely not recommended for a public app… unless you add google web app UI to a glide webview

1 MM users !!! not in Glide and very hard for the Google web app… LOL… talk to David for some solution… standard options will not handle it

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@Uzo :frowning: Thanks. 1m users isn’t many these days to get profitable. Heck 10k users could eat up 10m rows easily (think marketplaces, forums, etc).

@nathanaelb Is there a roadmap to 1m or 10m rows at minimum? Even these are relatively small apps.

With the thousands of SaaS solutions out there, I simply don’t understand Glide’s use case with the current 25k limit. Internal business apps? At multiple $100’s/mth that you have to build from scratch? When SaaS is Plug + Play, cheaper, with actual database capacity?

Glide front end builders are good for MVP. Beyond that, what’s the point with no Database capacity?

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I also do not get such small limits for rows and edits… ;-(

We could think of a Glide app as the friendlier big brother of an Excel spreadsheet: spreadsheets are useful, are like little CRUD apps, usually don’t hold that much data, usually are not used by thousands or even hundreds of users.

If we could whip up a Glide app almost just as fast as a an Excel sheet, or if we could build an app on Glide that goes beyond a spreadsheet quickly, would we start a new spreadsheet or a Glide app? Glide’s bet is probably to acquire a chunk of the spreadsheet market. Maybe, I don’t know.

Thanks for responding @nathanaelb. I would respectfully challenge this.

Google Sheets has a cell limit of 10,000,000. At 10 columns, that’s still 1 million rows, for free. Glide can only utilize 25k of those rows, for a hefty fee.

Yet oddly Glide built their own “Glide Sheets” to bypass gCloud call limits. Yet they still have the 25k limit.

It’s not a hard fix either. I’ve run hundreds of thousands of users on Firebase for $10-$20/mth in cloud fees.

I’m a paid Glide user, and would like to build more stuff on it. But a high priced 25k row limit kills 95% of projects, even for MVP purposes.


This makes sense. I doubt Glide is purposely restricting the number of rows, they know that many builders have requested bigger limits.

@Mark @david

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I think they do lol… I understand high prices because Glide is a fantastic tool, and it takes a lot of resources to build one… but the limits of rows and edits are ridiculous, and have nothing to do with today’s capabilities… i.e Google gives 500,000 edits per day and millions of rows just for $12. and 50k in a free plan.

The 25k row limit is due to how we load your data on-device, and the features we allow on the data (e.g. roll-ups). It’s not because we are evil greedy people who want to charge you–we don’t like the limit either.


i don’t think you are evil… I think you are a Genius! I don’t think there is a better tool then Glide, and I hope you will find a solution for higher limits.

We found a solution and it will be available early next year. It will take Glide to millions of rows, but you will pay 1 update every time you read from it.


what do you mean 1 update/read? but how many updates you will give?
is that really impossible to give like 100k updates and 10k rows for starters? with the price of $25? which is 2 times more than Google suite… or right now you have 5k rows per App multiplied by 5 is 25k… make that a global limit… so we can have 1 main App and 4 supporting / testing apps around… and please create one more plan below $10, that would be your best seller… I guarantee it!