How scalable is Glide

Glide seems like a very user friendly app-builder - congrats! How scalable is it? Instead of using Google Sheets could you host it in GCP? Thanks in advance for any insight.

What do you mean by scalable? Glide is much more powerful than it appears—the apps don’t talk to Google Sheets at all, for example.


Thanks for the quick reply David. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems like the foundation of Glide is Google Sheets.

We are looking for a platform that has the ability to scale to (hopefully) 100’s of thousands of users. I suppose that is what I mean by scaling.

Thanks in advance for your response.

We have apps at that scale without any issues.

Can you say more about how your apps will work?

And yes, it seems that Sheets are the ‘foundation’ but they are just one data source on a deeper foundation.

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Hi David, can you please say more on how your apps support hundreds of thousands of users ? It says it supports up to 25000 rows with a paid plan…

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David - we are interested in creating an app and website directory that would connect freelancers to people who could hire them. A bit like UpWork, but a platform that would better support the freelancers. I could ultimately see it having community and support features as well. I can send you a PPT that goes a little deeper if you’d like. I’m not sure I want to share it publicly.

Let me know if that helps… Thanks!

Glide scales very well when it comes to number of users (I’m confident we can scale up with your app, even into hundreds of thousands of users), but when it comes to the amount of data in an app there are a bunch of bottlenecks, Google Sheets being one of them. So if your hundreds of thousands of users create content in the app, for example, Glide as it is now will not scale to that. We’ll get there eventually, but I can’t give you a timeline on that.

I’m curious where your userbase comes from, though. How do you plan to get hundreds of thousands of users?

Mark - David mentioned that Google Sheet are just one data source on a deeper foundation. I was looking on your documentation and didn’t see a reference to alternatives. Is there someplace you guys could point me. Having been in the tech sector building communities for sometime, we all know that starting with the wrong tools can create major brain damage.

I really like what you guys have created. I just want to make sure it will work before applying resources to growing the app. We actually have several apps that are on the drawing board.

In terms of the uberbase, it is freelancers looking for work and companies interested in hiring them.

Thanks again - Tom

Right now there is no alternative to Google Sheets. We will probably at some point enable Glide apps that are not bound to an external data source, which would remove a big bottleneck.



How do we bypass the 25k rows limit on Pro?

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Renato Asse

That limit is not enforced, but around that point Glide starts hitting bottlenecks and some aspects of your app’s performance might degrade. You should experiment to check whether you see any issues.

Hi Mark, I have a potential client interested in using glide. They have 1800 customers - they want to enable their customers to upload 20 products each that is 36000 items. Should I be discouraging the use of glide in view of the limit of 25000? Good to know at the early stage so discussions don’t progress too far. Thanks

The main problem with that app will be load time, and sheet refresh time. In the app, should all products be visible to all users? Or does each user only see their own data?

Thanks Mark, yeah all products should be available to the users although could possibly filter or categorise them so the whole list is not displayed all at once - this maybe a solution?

No, that won’t help with loading time.

You’ll have to judge whether loading time is a dealbreaker in this case. You can make a test app on and upgrade it to Pro to try it out. Use a credit card number that’s just a repetition of “42”.

Cool thanks Mark, appreciate quick reply (as always :slight_smile: )

I’m following this topic. When my user have input a row, and then the function google sheets will do.
Right now, My user need to wait some min or turn off the app to get the result,
Idea solution

  • Should have a function for user pull up refresh.
  • Or get trigger if google sheet have change.

We do get a trigger when your sheet changes, but Google sends one trigger every 3 minutes maximum.

The only real solution is for you to tell us what your update function does, and for us to make it possible within Glide.

Would love to see the Glide team take a look at gundb as a possible external data-base.
It’s a JSON-based graph database so compatibility shouldn’t be a big issue>
It’s P2P and already uses Radix into IndexedDB … or any other local storage … for on device storage.
It’s “pubsub” for automatic P2P updates at the speed of web.