How scalable is Glide

can I make server and domain from bluehost domain, hosting server, and local storeage? and and also make intergration from third party…?..

One of the scenarios is like this where delayed update causes not-so-great experience for my users.

  1. Screen A: User selects a payment plan (choice component) and taps “Purchase” (buy) button.

  2. Goes on the checkout page and makes a payment.

  3. Comes back to screen A where user should see “Payment done” label and the choice component shall become invisible. I wrote a script on insert in “App: Sales” sheet which updates certain fields. Then I use these field values and conditions. But it does take time for the update trigger to fire and show these changes on the screen.

I don’t know but may be an App is allowed a pull update check trigger then this can be fixed. I am thinking in the UI editor where I would expect this trigger but in my case after the checkout screen closes I expect this to happen.


How does the 25000 limit relate to user profiles. If you have 25000 users, will the user profile sheet then overwhelm the app?

If you have 25000 user rows then it will become a problem but they’re testing Glide Sheets in staging, which doesn’t use Google Sheets as a source so hopefully that bottleneck will be gone.

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How soon is that estimated to be available? I’m thinking of using Glide to make an enhanced viewer for a back-end system that already has 160K users.

Not sure, but as it’s already in staging, if they don’t see many problems then I expect it to be in production in the next weeks.

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I still can not understand how app can have 100k users if the any user is a row in sheet.
Can you explain how many many users can use the app with personal log in

There is no good answer to this. Glide does say there is a 25k row limit, but I don’t think it’s strongly enforced. As long as you structure your app with Row Owners, then you shouldn’t have a problem. If you don’t use row owners, then each user will be downloading data for 100k users, which could cause it to run really slow. If you use Row Owners, then each user will only be downloading their own data.