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Hello everyone, i’m new on glide and i’m currently built my first app, and i have a question about it.
My app will be built with sheet, and all data will be on one spreedsheets. We are expecting about 1000 users who would not all connect at the same time but still that is a lot. And my question is will the spreadsheet be able to do all these calculations and save all these changes, or this much of user is to much ?
Thanks for your answer and do not hesitate to ask me questions if there is something you do not understand or if I have not been clear enough, thank you in advance and have a nice day,
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Joseph Menard

The users aren’t connecting to the Google sheet. The server is. The user apps are communicating directly with glide servers.


I agree, I haven’t seen much performance issues related to large number of users. However this combined with large number of rows clearly shows limits…


Thanks for you’r answer, but what you call large number of rows ? Currently i have nearly 9200 rows, you think is to much ?

There are many factors that impact how an app performs, but in terms of row count, 9000 shouldn’t be an issue. Once you get to double that you might start to see some slow down. But even then, it’s usually only the initial loading time that’s impacted. Once everything is loaded, it should be okay.

But again, row count is not the only factor. If you have a large number of computed columns, for example, this can also affect app performance.

There is no one size fits all answer. Every app is different.


Yes, I have over 10’000 rows without problem, but when I got close to 20k I could see performance degradations.

In my case, I can just archive old rows as they become obsolete, but I hadn’t coded that part initially…

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