Using glide tables with large data

Hey people!

App is deadslow, using google sheets with 50k rows+
Moving to glide tables will run the app smoothly?

Fulll story:
I have a glide app using google sheets,
I have a fitness app which my client use to follow thier diet & fitness plan,
A part of it is the upload your daily weight & selfie.

Skipping forward, the weights sheet is getting too big, (50k rows)
And getting bigger all the time,
I have many more sheets for the diets, fitness plans and so on,
But all the other sheets have 1 row for each client (a few hundreds).

The app is dead slow, a submit from glide to sheets takes raughly 5 mins (:confounded:)

My question is,
If I will use glide tables instead of sheets,
Would it be enough to run my app smoothly?

Im already using user based data, users download only thier relevant data.


So I assume you’re already using “row owners”, right? How many rows would a user download on average with that setup?

The threads below may give you more info on Glide Tables vs Google Sheets.

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