Google sheet vs glide table

My first app is nearly production ready. I have one sheet where I think that I will reach the 25000 rows limit quite fast.

Is it right that a glide table doesn’t have this limit?

Can I convert a sheet to a glide table?

I think about to only left the profile sheet as normal sheet an convert all other sheets to glide tables. Is this a good practice?

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Probably worth your time having a read of this topic…


Thank you for your answer.
I think i have to try it.

I really want the ability to batch convert to Glide Tables but seems like it’s nowhere near.


In my case the sheets are nearly empty. But I think when I create a glide table I have to re design the whole app to get all the references pointing to the new table. Right?

Yes that’s true. Also if you have any rows in the old sheet you would have to manually enter them using add row/form.

But i have no row limit. Right?

yeah, that would be sweet!

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heh… I just had a crazy thought…
what you might be able to do is build an external service that would fetch the data from the Google Spreadsheet, and then feed it into Glide via an app in a browser view - a little bit like screen scraping in reverse :grin:

Now, THAT would be a fun challenge :rofl: :rofl:


If the glide app make a post request to add the data it would be easy. You just need the auth key.
A glide API would be perfect.

In theory, no there is no hard row limit that is currently enforced in google sheets or glide tables, but you have to consider the amount of data that’s synced between google sheets > glide servers > user’s device. Glide tables won’t make any difference for the sync between glide servers and the device, but it does remove the bottleneck between glide servers and google sheets. A lot of data means a lot to sync. Regardless, the sync between glide and google should be transparent to the user as long as there are no formulas in the Google sheet and all calculations are performed using glide functionality.

If you are using Row Owners, you can reduce the amount of data that’s synced to the user’s device and not overload the user with too much data. This is what truly provides you with the theoretical “no row limit”.

I recommend reading through this thread.


Hmmm difficult decision to make. My data will be created to 100% in the app. I have no sheet magic. I did all in the gde with relations, lookups and so on. The only sheet I need in google is the profile sheet because I connected it with integromat.
A kind of lazy loding would be nice. In my case the sale point options are displayed with an inline list with selapoint row id as filter value. It woulb be perfect if glide loads this data when it have to display them.

I just played around with a glide table and the gde. Looks like you could add, edit end remove data inside the gde.

Yeah, you can do that with single cells, but with migrating multiple rows of data it still doesn’t work. I anticipate a CSV upload some time in the future.

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