Max rows in Glide Tables and pricing beyond 25k rows

So far we know that Glide tables are faster than Gsheets, don’t allow bulk upload/download of data, allow data addition only through app, and can hold large amount of data. Did I miss anything?

:arrow_right:Does anyone know the maximum row capacity of Glide tables?

:arrow_right: @david when do you plan to release pricing beyond 25k rows? A vague timeline and pricing range would be nice to know.

:arrow_right:Is it safe to assume bulk download of glide table data (CSV format) or integration with database will be available sometime soon?

:arrow_right:Also, will glide tables ever allow roll up of user specific data?

It’s hard a build a strong data driven app with row limitations


i second all the above.
:arrow_right: timeline for data addition directly to the table
:arrow_right: support of array columns for filter and visibilty purposes (signed in user for multi users) and galleries



In one of my post, they said, Glide is not restricting to you to 25k rows even in Google Sheet. You can check in this thread.


Today we can use external automation tools (zapier and integromat) to bring data to the GS from other data sources.
Any idea it timeline when and how it’ll be done in glide tables?

I have a customer which needs to connect pipedrive crm to glide and will have few hundreds thousands of rows which makes the glide table perfect solution unlike the GS today but until we’ll be able to bring the data we can’t use it…

@david, @Mark, @Jason


+1 for this. We have Zapier integration here and need Glide Sheets to support it.


You mean glide table right?

Yes :wink:

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Glide team, a response would be appreciated. This is not a feature request.

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