Pro Apps with more than 25,000 rows

Hello Glide Team,

What would I need to do if I want to create an App with more than 25,000 rows? My use case, I am building an App with Subscribers features wherein each user will have atleast 500 rows’ access with their own data.

So after one point of time, if I get more subscribers, I may need more rows. Is there any solution to this? @Mark



Probably when Glide ships their Glide Sheets solutions, that bottleneck will be lifted from the Pro Apps.

We don’t enforce the 25k row limit on Pro apps. It’s more of a recommendation to get reasonable performance. How many rows do you think you’ll need?

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Thank you Mark. That is good to know.
Well, that depends upon how much subscribers I am getting. I am expecting to get 30-40 subscribers within first 2-3 months of App launching. till this time, 25,000 will be very much enough.

I read about the glide sheet feature. Will that help me if I need more rows in near future without compromising performance? Or do you suggest any other option which can be suitable for my App.

Glide Sheets will be the way to go, yes.

Is all (or most) of your data private to some user to them?

Each user will have access to their own data only which they will upload. Most of the data will be private to respective user.

I have also added one more discussion in the Community. I need a feature for My App’s user to upload excel / csv data directly to App. I don’t think that it is possible now, but will it be possible when we have Glide Sheet?

You can use the File Picker to upload Excel and CSV files. Is that what you mean?

I have a similar need - what is best component to display these Mark? I’ve not had much luck on the display side…

Please submit it to our Feature Requests app.

Sorry, what would we be submitting? I might have missed something in the thread but we have the filepicker…would the request be to have a component to properly display these types of files?

Not really. I want them to upload bulk data directly to the Google Sheet through Glide App so that it can be displayed directly in the App. I meant uploading bulk data and not uploading file. Any idea how can I do this (e.g. updating bulk bank transactions by uploading a file instead of adding single entry through form)? Thanks

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Sorry, didn’t mean to water down your thread.

@Deena A component for displaying arbitrary CSV or Excel files would be a big feature request.

So would be importing CSV/Excel to sheets.

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Got it. Even I know there are bigger fish to fry. Thanks.