What is the max number of records my glide app can power?

I am already on the pro account which supports 25k records, but I want to increase this limit to 1 million records.

How can I achieve this?

May I ask what your app is for? I’m intrigued to know what will require a million rows.

Are you hitting the limit if 25k right now?

Yes i’m already hitting the limit of 25k rows now.

It’s essentially a admin app to view images users are posting on our platform, hence the 25k limit does not suffice. Even 100k or 500k limit will help.

Keep in mind that google sheets has a 5,000,000 cell limit itself. Not rows or columns…individual cells.

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There are a bunch of technical bottlenecks coming in with more data in the spreadsheet. The one that hits first is the communication between Google Sheet and Glide. For a variety of reasons it’s hard to make this work well much beyond 25k rows. Having said that, depending on how much data you have in each row, you might have luck with going up to 100k rows. We don’t currently limit Pro apps to 25k row, so you can just give it a try.

Will you ever allow for people to integrate apis? I know that it’s a very pro feature go maybe a lot of the audience. I’m just wondering

Is the limit 25K rows per app or 25K rows per sheet?

I see @Mark’s comment about not currently limiting Pro apps to 25k rows, but still wondering what to plan for in what I’m building.

It is per app.

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Hello @Varun_Goel, what’s up?

Let me ask you something. Can you share the link of your app? I was searching an app with more than 25k lines or almost hitting, to see the performance of it. I have some doubts about it, and I’d be glad to see your app

Hey Lucas, Unfortuantely I can’t share the link to my app as it is being used internally for my company. Data isn’t to be shared. I haven’t tried increasing the number of rows beyond 25,000 but i do see the performance of the app to be a bit slow when records increase.

Sorry for the late response, yes I am hitting the 25k row limit.

What is the ideal number of columns you would like in a single row? It would be great if we can even get 100k rows in my app by reducing the redundant columns.

There’s no ideal number. The less data you have in your spreadsheet, the better.

What about a Business Plan, as you were planning yet before? Being able to have more thank 25k lines and more more features?

This rows limitation is not from Glide itself, but from Google sheet. The more data you’ll have in your sheet, the more lag you will have even using or modifying the sheet directly using Google Sheet.

This limitation could or will be obsolete when and if Glides data come from another database. Not at the moment.

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