Row limits

What happens if we reach 25k row limit?
And if we need much more than 25k, is there a solution for this or is it a infrastructural constraint like the platform can not support more data or traffic?

It is pretty much a Google sheet limitation, not Glide. I know the team is working on a long term solution to not be dependent on a Google sheet for those very large case data apps. It is not something that is short term however. It is in their long term goal list.

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Does it make any difference if there are >25k rows in one sheet vs. distributed across multiple sheets? Would it then be advantageous to try and add as much user-level data within one row using many columns? I have an existing userbase of 11k, I don’t expect them all to join the app, but even if 1/4 do They will be uploading their digital portfolio, so I’ll reach the limit very quickly assuming ~10 records per person.

You can use that strategy if you want. The reality is that although we count rows as part of limits we put in both the Free and Pro apps, the limitation lies with Google Sheets. The actual physical limitation is 5 million cells, which is stated by Google.