25k rows limit is... a limit

I think I read that glide wants to remove this limit, but how plausibile is it? and when could this happen?

The row limit is a big limit for my app, sp before committing to opening it to a big public I want to be sure that I can rely on it in case it becomes widespread, which is not the case at this stage.

Is it really a limit? I don’t think it’s enforced, it might just be a technical limitation. Users say that their app runs slower when having more than 25k rows, but I doubt there’s an actual limit.

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It so says in the limits of the pro app.

My app sometimes is already slow, would be bad if got slower.

Doesn’t hurt to just try it. Really easy if you have your data in a google sheet. Populate your app with a bunch of test data and see what happens. That’s what I did when I did a test up to 120,000 rows. The design of my test app was not very efficient, so it did get really slow, but if you properly use row owners to restrict the amount of data downloaded to a device, and use simple design without loading a ton of images at once or a ton of rows on one screen, then it might just work for you. The only way to find out is to test with your current design. Most limitations are due to bottlenecks between glide and google or an app trying to overload a device’s cache with too much data and images.


So it does go over the 25k rows?
Every user uses a row if they log register, if the app starts to get used it will easily flow over it.
My app uses a lot of images, and the main page was pretty slow, so I loaded less images, but it is theoretically going to load very long lists with images in other pages so I’ll have to test it I suppose but the main point is if I have the limit of 25k rows or not.

Like what’s been mentioned before, it’s not an enforced limit. It’s more of a technical limitation under certain circumstances…but there is nothing stopping you from having more than 25k rows.

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