Maximum Active Users 🤔

Hey fellow Gliders!

We’re close to launching an app that may very well have upwards of 100,000+ users. It’s nothing fancy, just a local directory/marketplace for a client.

I’m curious - anyone out there currently with this amount of users - how is your app performing?


*I should add - we don’t doubt Glide’s abilities - but we do believe in contingency plans :nerd_face:

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Hi @ehdubya

This may help from Mark

How scalable is Glide

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Thanks for the response @Rosewebstudio!

Has your app gotten 100,000 users yet?

Would using the Glide Tables be a better solution for our app?

Perhaps. Google Sheets’ API can be wonky, so for a more secure/reliable service, I’d use Glide Sheets.

However, there are no formulas in glide sheets :sob: