Users sheet counted in Row Limit? Max 25000 users can only use Glide?

Dear Glide Team and Community,

I have a “Users” sheet that maintains the user profiles and types.

I have some checks within the app to show a particular component based on User Type.

Will the “Users” sheet be counted as Rows used as I am doing the checks?

Does that limit the number of users that can use any Glide App to 25000 as that is the Row limit?

Is there any way to overcome this?

I read through the forum. But, could not find a straightforward answer.

BTW, You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.

If you use row owners such that users just load the information they own which will be much lesser than 25k rows and if you use Glide Tables, you can scale your app much further.

25k rows has never really been a hard enforced rule. It’s more of a technical limitation and usually only if you are using Google sheets which could bottleneck with that much data, or as @Manan_Mehta mentioned, not using rows owners in a way that will prevent such a large amount of data from having to be downloaded and cached on a user’s device.

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