Questions about Data limits

I’m currently working on an app that I’m planning to offer coupons to about 7,000 members.
Can I think of the Pro App’s 25,000 data rows limit as the number of rows displayed by a single user, not the number of rows actually stored?

It’s the total number of rows used by your app (not per user). That said, I’m aware that the limit isn’t enforced. But of course Glide could start enforcing it at any time. If you think you’re likely to go way over the limit, then the advice I’d give would be to reach out to Glide support and have a conversation about it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Darren_Murphy
What is the “total number of rows used by the app”?
★ Number of rows where data is actually stored in the G spreadsheet.
★ Number of lines displayed by one app at a time.(not per user)
Which of the above two should I consider?

It’s neither of the above, actually.
For example, you can have sheets in your Google Spreadsheet that never get used in your app. Those shouldn’t count.

But if the rows are used anywhere in your app, then they count. And I’m fairly certain this applies to both Google Sheet rows and Glide Table rows.

Just to add… by used, I don’t mean displayed. Applying filters is not a strategy for reducing row count. Think of it this way: if you use a sheet/table in your app, then all rows in that sheet/table are counted, regardless of whether or not they are filtered or displayed.


@hisashi.fujita A bit of reading for you :+1: might help too!?