Does users sheets counts toward rows limit

Hey, I ask again as I couldn’t find any trustworthy answer anywhere, if I have a sheet listing all app users which theoretically 10,000 rows, does it count toward my free 500 limit? I found some references to this topic but no certain answer and much misleading information, so I’d like to be sure.

If the sheet is used in your app, then all non-empty rows in the sheet will count.

absolutely not… Glide is an invention welcome platform… so feel free to be adventures
You can have a million rows… no joke.
free app with over a thousand rows … maybe a bit more than that ;-). SAMPLE

If you do not have a user profile sheet or if you do not have any logic based on the type of user, then nothing to worry. You can have any number of users. They will be stored in a table internal to Glide which will have all the users and it would not be counted as rows.

However, if you have a User Profile sheet with user-specific rules for access inside the App, they will be counted as rows. User Profile table could be a GLide Table or a Google sheet. In both cases, they will be counted as rows. I am using a Google sheet for User profiles as there was a problem in configuring the User Profile in Glide Table. Right now I have 3000 users and they are being counted as additional rows. Occasionally I keep shifting them to a new google sheet to reduce the rows.

Hope it answers your queries.

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