Chloe Ting's 2-week Shred Challenge

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I came across this challenge via a blog recently, and apparently it is quite the rage currently.
I wrote about my motivation to make this app here:

In my understanding, Glide doesn’t count rows from the Users/App Login tabs towards the limits.
And for this app, I have only used user-specific columns to track a user’s progress through the program.

In theory, this app could have hundreds and thousands of users, without me having to pay anything because I am well within the limits of the Free/Personal tier.

But because I know that user data will still be captured for these thousands of users (if there ever are) using Glide Sheets, it will still cost Glide. I don’t know how significant these costs are but I empathize with Glide when it says that paid apps pick up the tab for free apps like this.

This was a fun PoC app for me, and I found this possible loophole while developing this app. Not many apps will be able to exploit this, but sharing it so that Glide can think of a solution, if applicable.


I was under the impression Glide doesn’t allow the app:logins sheet to be used for user profiles. So it does count towards the limit?

I tested it by adding dummy rows to both sheets: Users and Logins.

The row count didn’t increase.

Sorry, Jaime. I didn’t mean that I was using App: Logins for User profiles. The user profiles tab and App:Logins tab are separate and the rows in these tabs are not being counted towards the app limits.

I could be completely wrong though!

Definitely being counted for me.




Logged in using a new account, the new email shows up under both tabs, yet the # rows is still 77.

Someone from Glide’s team can confirm.

did you reload the sheet

Looks great Sardamit! I’m curious about the home page, what kind of layout did you use?

Looks like:

  • Text/Title
  • Image
  • Text
  • Inline list without image
  • Button with sign-in action

Thanks @ThinhDinh, I am just now figuring out using details page as home page is useful. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I remember reloading the sheet, and the Sheet Edits counter has increased by 1 as well.
So yes, I did reload the sheet.

That’s really strange. I just tested it on a few different client apps and the row count increased on all of them.

I added additional columns to my User profiles sheet (apart from Name, Email, Image) and now these are being accounted for in the row counts.


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