Glideapp without Google Sheet (logins and purchases)

Where are logins and purchases logged if there is no Google sheet connected? I am creating an app with only Glide tables since I don’t want to be limited to the maximum number of rows. However, this means I cannot see the user logins or purchases.

In other apps, I used Integromat and the Google sheet with an API to connect our custom donation base system to activate the app for users that made a donation. But then I would be limited to 25000 users, which for this app, could be a problem. I could use just Glideapp tables with the built in Stripe buy button, but the purchases are not recorded in a Glide table unfortunately.

The row limits still apply, regardless of whether you are using GSheets or Glide Tables, or both. That said, I’m aware that row limits aren’t currently enforced for Pro apps (but that doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future).

I can’t answer your question about logins and purchases, sorry. Somebody else will know.

Add to what Darren said above, I just tested and no app logins are written to the Glide Tables. About the purchases, since you don’t have a sheet to “validate” the transaction you actually can’t configure the buy button.