Lifetime membership access, how to access App:Sales

Hello guys,

I want to allow only paying members to access certain areas of the app. This is a one time payment that gives them a lifetime access. I added a couple of products and integrated with Stripe. The problem is that all the purchases are showing in a sheet on Google Sheet that I can’t see on Glide tables, so I can’t create a relationship between the users sheet and the App:Sales sheet.

How do I connect the content on App:Sales to my user sheet? Is there another way to do that?

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Just make a read only copy of your App:Sales sheet, using either an arrayformula or a query. Glide will see this sheet, and you can build relations to it.


The formula you’re looking for is either:

={'App: Sales'!A:Z}

Thank you so much @ThinhDinh ! what is your strategy for creating a relationship with this sheet to determine who paid for what product?

Usually I use the rowID of the product to know what they paid for, I usually have multiple products.


have a product category and relate them to users who paid…
product_name#category#date, make a description in pay link, so you can easily filter it or relate after split

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I literally just solved this today :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you cracked it! I’m still just cracking my head. Any chance I can make a copy of your app? :+1: :+1: :+1: :star_struck:

Would it be OK if I create a super basic new app with the same buy feature? I will make the new App available to copy?

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That would be super amazing :pray::pray::pray::butterfly::pray:

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Here is a little video to demo the App called GoodBuy.

This is the code for the Google Sheet clone: you can have a new Google sheet and use the formula below in cell A1.

={'App: Sales'!A:Z}

This will duplicate your App: Sales sheet and allow you to see it in the editor.

The app can be copied. Hope it’s all clear!



Wow this is very generous! Thank you so much. And by the way, what a clever name haha! I’m going to start watching and report back. Thanks again @Simon_Hill :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Simon_Hill I was not able to duplicate the app, it’s telling me there are too many rows, see attached. Perhaps

you can delete the rows you don’t use?

Oh really? I don’t know why that would happen. It is a really small App with hardly any rows… I will take a look at the Google Spreadsheet and check to see if there are any redundant sheets. I don’t think so!

It may count all the rows if you have just one cell with content, let’s say 1000 rows down.

Ok… checking. I did work on a 2nd hand sheet.

I just switched off a ‘Calculations mode’ related to refreshing circular arguments from the old sheet. Can you try now?

I’m getting the same error @Simon_Hill :thinking:

"An error occurred duplicating the app.

In most cases this is caused by a large and/or complex Google sheet. Delete all rows and columns that your app is not using or there is no data. Glide will append rows as needed so you can remove all empty rows below the existing data on all of your sheets. Then try to duplicate the app again."

If you can share your email address I can share the Google sheet with you and maybe you can check. I don’t have experience in this error!

Sending you DM

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You might check your arrayformulas, probably you writing empty values all the way down the sheet

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