"Item No Longer Available" Buy Button issue

Is there a solution yet to using user specific columns for price data? As of now everything goes smoothly until purchase, at which point there’s an ‘item no longer available’ error. The problem seems to be with the type of column the price is being pulled from; in this situation I need to use a user specific column so that users booking appointments with the same date don’t override each other. Many other column types (math, rollup, template, etc) aren’t even available as options for the buy button price field.


It’s always been that way and David has said it’s a security measure for the buy button to not use any Glide columns for now. You should use a sheet column.

Is there a way to use sheet columns without the problem of different users overriding each other? Especially since the buy button doesn’t work with row owners, this seems tough

You should submit the order details to a row in the sheet and let the users use the buy button in there. Not an ideal flow, but I don’t think there are any other ways as of now.

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Any word on if/when this will be allowed? Forcing a bad UX is creating a ton of friction and preventing potential donations :frowning:

No word as of now, and I agree there should be upgrades to the buy button.

facing similar issue, i am using row owners as there are some user-specific data that should not be visible to everyone. just wondering if there are any developments on this?

There is a workaround as explained in this video, which adds custom product information at sign-up into a ‘Product catalogue’. The buy button sources from the Product Catalogue, which is therefore user specific. Not sure if this helps… but I share for interest.