Can user set price for buy button?

for the buy button, can the “Price” field be something the users sets? like for a donation?

Yes, just place an entry field next to the buy button where they can fill in an amount. Then use the column that’s filled by that entry field for your price on the buy button.

that is super helpful! tysm!

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What Jeff has recommended is the way to go.

A more sophisticated version is in action here:

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So I’m having a bit of trouble.

Tldr. I added a form so a user can enter a custom amount for the item, but the form is submitted, the custom amount goes onto a new row and is not attached to the item. So I can’t get my buy button the details of the original item to reference this other row. Am I missing something obvious?

An item is a business users can donate to. The scenario I want to create is the ability for the user to donate a custom amount instead of the item having a predefined amount. So I’m saying if donation amount is not empty, then show the buy button / donate button.

If the donation amount is empty, then show this form. I have a form to add a custom amount, and when the form is submitted that custom amount gets entered on a new row where there are no details about the business or description. If I try to add another buy button it doesn’t work because it also sees that the custom amount for this row / this item is empty.

Let me know if I can clarify further

You have to pass the values of the business to the form tab before you do the check out option.

The workaround and a much cleaner implementation is to have a number entry component in the business details. The app I have linked above shows an implementation of this.

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I would avoid a form button altogether. Just place an entry field on the screen for the user to enter the donation amount and store it in a user specific column on the business sheet. Then display the buy button if the amount is filled. If you want a cleaner look, you can add a switch or checkbox to fill another user specific column on the business sheet. Once checked, then show the donation entry field. Once an amount is entered, show the buy button.

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How do you track users for conditional displaying of Buy Now button,
if they haven’t signed in?
I’m seeing Buy Now for items I’ve not bid on.

Yeah, Tim. It doesn’t work for users who have not signed in.

Custom amount is working now, thank you! field entry is the cleanest :slight_smile:

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I’m using this number entry for people to donate a custom amount but I noticed that it’s shared with all users and I don’t want it to be.

Current behavior: A user sets a custom donation amount and all other users see that custom amount preset in the field.

Desired behavior: A user sets a a custom amount and it’s user specific / other users don’t see this.

Is there something I can do to fix this?

That worked, thanks!

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I’m getting an error that an item is no longer available. I’m wondering if it’s related to me making the custom amount a user specific column?

Do you know what might have happened here? @Jeff_Hager

I think it is related to that bc I just went back to not having it be user specific and the transaction was able to go through. Do you know how I can have a user specific custom amount donation field but also allow multiple people to purchase an item? Maybe I missed a step…

I think you may be right.

I know people have worked around it in the past using scripting to clear the field periodically, but that was quite awhile ago…before we had user specific fields. My only other thought would be rows specific to each user, but that’s not very viable. Or create a form button to write a record in another sheet with the entered price, then display the record somewhere in your app with a buy button. Otherwise you could create preset donate amounts on separate buy buttons and conditionally show them based on a choice component.

@sardamit can you verify based on your post on this similar situation? Maybe try it in staging with the test credit car?

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