Name your donation on stripe

How can I add a name your donation section on the Buy button with Stripe?
More like “name your price” where users can pay how much they want to donate.

I am looking to add this feature on the Restaurant app.

Create a column for Price (and make it user-specific) and seek inputs for price from the user.
Show the buy button only when the price is filled.



how can I make the column for price, user specific? I added a from button where user can name a price, but it sends it to the bottom of the rows.

Also, can this work for multiple users using the app?

Create a basic value column for number inside the Glide builder.
Make it user-specific by checking the checkbox in the dialog box.

I apologies, I still dont understand.

Will it be possible for you to show me an example?

Check this:

Open it in two browser tabs and checkout for the same item.

User-specific columns don’t work with the buy button presently. An error will result stating This item is no longer available.