Template Column as a value to Buy button

I’m trying to add multiple values through the Template Column and then based on the User specific selection/input I would want to send that through to the Stripe button.

Is there any workarounds because this doesn’t seem to be possible?

It is possible to see user specific columns but not possible to see the template! This limitation is so frustrating!

Can other column be enabled to be selected as values? @david

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This is only a guess and I don’t know the true reasoning behind the limitation, but may explain why we can’t.

The only workaround I know of is to make sure the calculated data is in the Google sheet and not calculated on the fly with glide columns.

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This is what I’m doing but the user flow is really not that great, they need to fill a form and then head to another page (wishlist) to add things to the cart 1one-by-one then go to the cart and checkout.

Unless there is a better flow i don’t know?

You could play with the compound actions in staging to see if you get a flow that might work when they release it someday.

How does one access staging?

This is definitely a limitation. I was able to make it work but you have to get a little creative with it. I used Glide tables not Google sheet. In my solution I used one tab to calculate the values and the second tab to bring those over as a text which is what Glide requires mapped to the price field for stripe.

So what you could do is have the “product” tab, this lists the cost of the unit. Then when someone wants to buy, they can add quantity or other calculated values in the “Cart” tab do the calculations. But wait, theres more! Because values need to be “text”, you will need one last approval where the user approves the “cart” calculations (totals) and it finally pushes the “text” data to the “Checkout” which at this point is straight text. I agree it’s an added and unnecessary step from a user perspective but its the only way to carry the values over as text. Then the user can pay from there.

Good luck!


thanks for sharing, would you be able to share how does your app looks like just to get an idea of how you did that?

Hey Eric,

I would love to know how you were able to achieve this! Can you share the app you made for this to work?