Stripe integration - I cant assign a math column to the Price? Am I right?

In my app, users can select a # of quotes to buy. I have the cost of 1 quote and multiply the # of selected quotes by user.

I calculate this total amount with a math column, but I’m can’t find this math column to assign to the price field of Stripe integration.

Could u help me?

I’ve never used the stripe integration, so I may not be correct here, but… I believe the usual approach to this is to have an action that writes the result of the math column to a basic column (ie. one that exists in the Google Sheet), and that column can then be used with Stripe.


Stripe can only take basic columns (Sheets) as far as I aware, due to security reasons.

They also won’t work with row owners.

Hola Alexandre,

Unfortunately we can’t use neither USC nor computed columns with Glide’s Buy button.

Everyone here is correct. You would need to write the calculated column to a basic column in order to use Stripe.

Not sure exactly how your cart is set up but I did this with the updated Glidecart template. It’s a few extra columns and relations, but with actions it works like a charm.


awesome! how I didnt think it! thx so much! I’m gonna try it and let u know.

Thx Lisa! I didnt understand when u said “Glidecard template” but I’m gonna try sth and let u know.

Should’ve linked it, Glidecart one of my templates available in the template store. When I originally released the template I didn’t include Stripe for the same reason of not being able to include calculated column to Stripe at the time.

But writing the value to a basic column (with actions) works.



My friend I’m fighting the last weekend. I’m still trying to with a calculated value to the basic column to use as a Price field in the Stripe integration.

I don’t if there is an issue of type of field but it´s not working.
I’m trying to write the R$73,42 to the basic column called StripeCotasCompras (number field) but nothing happens and only with set column, because the othe one works fine.
Do u have an idea what´s going on?
Thx in advance

Hi all,

having a bit of a hard time figuring out how to get the computed price field as a normal field, any suggestions?